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Sports climbing and Alpine climbing

Anyone looking for new challenges in climbing has come to the right place in the Paznaun Valley!

The climbing gardens in the vicinity of the Jamtal Hut and the Heidelberger Hut offer numerous tours of all levels of difficulty for ambitious sport climbers.

For those with a higher goal in mind, there are countless alpine routes that lead the climber to the imposing 3,000-meter peaks of the Silvretta and Verwall groups.

If you would like to carry out the tours with an experienced mountain guide at your side: Inquire at the mountain guide office about an individual tour - tailored to you and your needs.

Tip: Part of the sports climbing garden near the Jamtal Hut, which was renovated in 2021, is also suitable for beginners and children. The Jamtal climbing arena is divided into the Jamtal Hüttenblick climbing gardens and the more challenging Jam Block.

The best multi-pitch routes of the Paznaun

You have mastered all routes in the climbing hall and are ready to tackle your first multi-pitch outdoor route? The Paznaun region boasts varied tours of two to seven pitches and difficultly levels ranging from two to seven. Discover the most beautiful routes:

  • Gamshorn: With routes ranging in difficulty from two to seven, the south-west facing Gamshorn climbing area in the Jamtal valley is a highlight for all climbers at 2,400 metres above sea level. The primary rocks of the Silvretta mountain range await climbers with several multi-pitch routes. The best time to explore them is between June and October.
  • Totennadel: Even though the name translates to “Needle of death”, there’s nothing sinister about this tour. After all, the Alpine climbing route in the Jamtal valley is perfectly secured with bolts at all belay stations as well as intermediate belays and offers impressive views.
  • Paulcketurm: With quite big distances between hooks, the 4+ grade Paulcketurm is not for beginners. With an altitude of 2,820 metres and four pitches of up to 100 metres, this route requires plenty of courage!  

All tours in the Jamtal valley at a glance:

Altitude location: 2400 m
Orientation: South-west
Difficulty level: 6 routes from 2 to 7 difficulty level



Difficulty level: 5- Difficulty level: 4+
Rope lengths: 6 SL Rope lengths: 6 SL

Ötztaler Enzianpfeiler

Via Robert

Difficulty level: 4+ Difficulty level: 4+
Rope lengths: 2 SL Rope lengths: 1 SL

Alter Weg

Difficulty level: 3
Rope lengths: 2 SL

Altitude location: 2.987 m
Orientation: South east
Difficulty level: 5
Routes: 3 routes in total (Gr. Totennadel S-Wand, Totennadel Überschreitung & kl Totenadel)

Gr. Totennadel S-Wand

Totennadel Überschreitung

Difficulty level: 5 Difficulty level: 5
Rope lengths: 4 SL Rope lengths: 4 SL

Kl. Totennadel

Difficulty level: 6-
Rope lengths: 1 SL

Altitude level: 2975 m
Orientation: South-west
Difficulty: 3, mostly 2 (Via Karl variant: 4)
Rope lengths: 7 SL

Altitude location: 2.820 m
Orientation: South-west
Difficulty level: 4+
Rope lengths: 4 SL to 100 metres


Variante A (Nothdurfter Diretissima)

Variante B (Classic Route)

Difficulty level: 5 Difficulty level: 5
Rope lengths: 4 SL Rope lengths: 4 SL

East wall

Westwand / Adlerriss

Difficulty level: 5+ Difficulty level: 7+
Rope lengths: 4 SL Rope lengths: 3 SL  60 metres

Hennebergpfeiler (mountain guide route)

Johanna Ernst

Difficulty level: 5 Difficulty level: 4, 4+, 5
Rope lengths: 4 SL to 100 metres Rope lengths: 5 SL to 120 metres

Angelika Rainer

Christoph Hainz

Difficulty level: 4, 5, 5-, 6+ Difficulty level: 4, 4+, 5
Rope lengths: 5 SL to 110 metres Rope lengths: 5 SL to 120 metres


Difficulty level: 5 /AO and 4+, 5, 7-
Rope lengths: 4 SL to 100 metres


Difficulty level: 3, 4+, 5-, 5+
Rope lengths: 5 SL to 100 metres