Safe and efficient

Cable cars and lifts in Galtür

In just a few minutes to summit bliss: with the ultra-modern and efficient facilities of the cable cars in Galtür, you can safely reach every mountain peak during your skiing and hiking holiday. 

A total of ten cable cars and lifts take you up to the heights. The Birkhahnbahn is particularly impressive with a length of more than 1,500 metres. The Kopssee lifts can transport up to 2,400 people per hour in the high season. The total transport capacity of all the mountain lifts in Galtür is more than 14,000 people per hour. 

Would you like to test the lifts live? Then take a look at our currently open lifts!

Technical data

Bergbahnen Galtür cable cars

Type Lift
Valley station Mountain
Length Travel
Conveyance capacity
Alpkogelbahn 1.642m 1.974m 1.355m 4 Min. 2.000
4 CLD Birkhahnbahn 1.634m 2.050m 1.538m 6 Min. 2.100
6 SBK Ballunspitzbahn 1.931m 2.220m 871m 3 Min. 2.300
Breitspitzbahn 1.770m 2.295m 1.800m 4 Min. 1.600
Kopsseelifte (I+II) 1.841m 1.993m 789m 5 Min. 2.400
Klein Zeinislift 1.760m 1.994m 810m 5 Min. 1.090
Rückbringerlift 2.007m 2.150m 73m 3 Min. 1.422
Soppalift 1.650m 1.710m 360m 2 Min. 800