Paznaun view Paznaun view

Short paths with fantastic views

Short trails - big moments

Fantastic views and the feeling of having done something good for your body and mind

It is often the small things which cause us to open our eyes

Accessing the most beautiful vantage points often requires a strenuous and energy-sapping walk beforehand - and this often makes the walk less enjoyable or simply impossible for some leisure walkers.

But after an adventure-packed day, you might fancy something different from the obligatory tour of the village. The following short walks are ideal for families with children where the focus is less on sport and more on spending time together.

It doesn’t always have to be about full-day tours and conquering thousands of metres of altitude...

Various short walks lead to spots which are easier to access yet still present some fantastic views.

Lakes, peaks, vantage points or simply dreamy places which it would be easy to walk past and miss – the short walks listed here take you to some of the most beautiful places in Paznaun and are easier to access than you would expect.