Race like the pros

Permanent race track

Check out Kappl’s permanent race track! The speed route is situated along the red piste 12 and the perfect place for speed junkies to compete against their friends or other avid racers. After all, skiing is even more fun if you can pit your strength against other skiers, don’t you think so? As soon as you have reached the finish area, your time is displayed on a noticeboard. You’re eager to beat your own record? What are you waiting for? Simply hop on the Alblitt lift right next to the race track and go up there again.

Don’t forget: Take a picture of your best time to show off at home!

Did you know that it’s not just skiers competing at Kappl’s ski racetrack? It’s a great opportunity for snowboarders to show off their skills as well!

The ski racetrack is perfectly groomed every day. After all, it takes perfect conditions to beat your personal best! With such a pristine racetrack, the only thing missing is the proper technique. But don’t worry – all it takes is a few practice runs and you’re good to go!

And if you would like to fine-tune your skills, why not get in touch with one of Kappl’s many local ski schools? Their friendly ski and snowboard instructors are always happy to help you out with the best tips and tricks on how to tackle the ski racetrack in a better, faster and safer way!

If you’re in need of a little break, we recommend taking a peek over at Alblitt Funpark. Watch the freestyle skiers and snowboarders do their spectacular stunts and be wowed by their creativity.

What’s more, the splendid mountain views along the racetrack are the perfect ingredient for a relaxing break. Enjoy a sip of hot tea or water – and off you go for your next race!

The racetrack is also a great place to train for groups and skiing clubs. Every year, numerous club and company championships are taking place there, including a giant slalom for more than 60 participants.