Exhibition "Mountain life in the Paznaun"

Mountain pasture museum

Have you always wanted to know about alpine life in Paznaun? In the Alpine Museum in Kappl you have the opportunity to visit original sites. Here you can observe the changes in alpine life over the centuries. Interesting facts about rural life and agricultural cultural history are of course also included.

Inside the building, the focus is on the processing and refinement of milk to produce butter and cheese. Visitors are offered a glimpse behind the scenes of milk and cheese production here in the meadows. Interesting explanations, short films and home-made cheese round off the visit. 

Just like in the old days 

What excites visitors to a museum more than being able to talk to contemporary witnesses? History suddenly comes alive and the illustrations are brought to life. Alpine farmers give insights into their working life on the alp, such as the processing of the raw material milk into butter and cheese.