Freeriders enjoy the snowy landscape off-piste of the ski area Kappl Freeriders enjoy the snowy landscape off-piste of the ski area Kappl

From beginners to advanced riders

Professional lessons at the ski schools of Kappl

Practice makes perfect, as they say. You get better with every ride so don’t hesitate to book your spot with one of Kappl’s ski schools! In a matter of days, you’ll be whizzing down the mountain like a pro! 

The guiding principle of Kappl’s ski schools? Skiing and snowboarding should be fun! If it isn’t, you’re not going to stick with it – so skiing lessons in Kappl are all about enjoying yourself. Learn how to master your first turns in the snow or polish your style and technique in private or group lessons – you won’t regret it!

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Kappl’s ski schools

The professional skiing lessons of Kappl’s ski schools are a great choice for adults as well as children. Groups are assembled according to the participants’ skill level. After all, you learn quicker if all participants are roughly on the same level. You’re looking for more specialised lessons? Ask the skiing instructors of Kappl for special courses on carving, Telemark skiing, snowboarding or ski racing!

Kappl is a family ski resort, making it a perfect choice for beginners. Little ski bunnies learn how to master their first turns in the snow together with new friends and friendly instructors. In a playful way, the instructors show your kids the proper technique and guide them towards their first turns.

The ski school of Thomas Jäger offers everything from snowshoe hiking to alpine skiing and sunshine carving. In carefully assembled groups, you quickly improve your style and technique – don’t hesitate to send them a non-binding enquiry!

The ski school of Ingo Jäger offers varied ski and snowboard lessons including technique training, freeride tips and children’s courses. Give them a call or send them an e-mail to sign up for your dose of unforgettable winter fun!

See for yourself and show your kids how much fun it is to learn how to ski!