Read up on the policies of the holiday resort of Kappl

Terms and conditions


GUEST CARD: Holders of a valid guest card receive discounts of up to 7 % in the Kappl ski area on the price without guest card. The guest card is available from the respective accommodation providers, and should absolutely be shown when buying a ski pass. A subequent refund is not possible!

GROUP DISCOUNTS FROM 20 PERSONS: When buying a ski pass through the tour guide, he/she will receive on free pass for every 20 paying persons. Spontaneously formed groups are not accepted.

FAMILY DISCOUNT: Applies only to the Kappl ski area. When buying a ski pass together for 2 children entitled to children's discount and one parent paying full price, all additional children (the youngest) entitled to children's discount will travel for free. Proof of family relations must be produced by means of official photo ID.

Pachwork-Families - Familiy Discounts: (only for KAPPL ski passes)
For Patchwork-families, proof of shared household must be produced for all family members so as to benefit from the family discount. Only if all memers of a Patchwork-family permanently live in the same household, can the family discount be applied. To this end, proof using certificate of registration (main residence) is required.

CHILDREN'S DISCOUNT: Children up to 7 years, accompanied by one parent, travel for free on all facilities. Children up to 16 years get the children's discount. For children from 4 years and up, proof of age using ID is required.

SENIOR' DISCOUNT: Persons above the age of 64 get the seniors' discount. Persons above the age of 80 get the children's discount, proof of age using a photo ID.

DISCOUNT FOR THE DISABLED: The child fare applies to those with a reduced earning capacity of 70 % or more. Corresponding identification is required

Terms of contract

GENERAL PROVISIONS: As a general rule the period of validity of a ski pass 
commences on its day of issue (Exception: advance sale). Ski passes are only valid when used on consecutive days; Interruptions are not permitted (except in the case of the FlexiPass). Subsequent replacement as well as extension, reduction or shifting of the validity period is not possible.

With the exception of season tickets all ski passes are issued without a passport photo. Ski passes are not transferable and must be presented to our inspectors upon request. Any ski passes which have not been purchased at the ticket desks or which have been lost will be cancelled at the turnstiles.

The operator reserves the right to open or close the operations of individual facilities. Anyone disregarding the barriers, notices and instructions of our staff at the lifts and the ski patrol will be refused further transport without any claim to reimbursement of the ticket price. All piste boundaries are set for a good reason – off-piste skiinig is at one‘s own risk.

REFUNDS: In general, refunds are only possible in the event of sports accidents and only for the injured person. The refund applies to unused days starting from the day when the ski pass was returned to the ski pass desk where it was bought. Refunds are issued in cash. Interruptions are not permitted. Each request for a refund should be accompanied by a doctor‘s note (only valid by approved doctors from the valley – Dr. Jehle, Dr. Walser, and Dr. Prem – from the Zams hospital) as well as the receipt of purchase (cancellation code receipt). No refunds available in the case of one-day ski passes (morning, afternoon and all-day passes) or single tickets. No refunds are made in the event of early departure or shutdown of cableway services due to circumstances outside the influence of the operator such as poor weather or force majeure, including the stoppage of individual lifts or the closing of ski runs. 

If you lose your ski pass (applies to ski passes valid 3 days and longer) you will receive a replacement pass for the remaining period upon presentation of the cancellation code receipt and proof of your identity (ID). Ski passes valid less than 3 days shall not be replaced. All refunds and replacements are subject to a processing charge. Please check the current operating and weather conditions before you buy your ski pass.

CARRIAGE OF CHILDREN ON CHAIRLIFTS: Children below the height of 1.10 m must sit on the lap of a suitable adult for transportation purposes. Children between 1.10 m and 1.25 m in height may not occupy a seat on a chairlift unless the adjacent seat is occupied by a suitable adult.

TARIFF CONSORTIUM: The individual services to which the ski passes entitle are provided by legally independent enterprises. The contractor selling the ticket merely acts as a representative for the other enterprises. Thus only the respective company is responsible for the provision of individual services and for the payment of any compensation claims made as a result of any accident or injury. In all other respects, the terms of tariff and carriage apply.

FRESH SNOW: We do our best to ensure you enjoy perfect conditions on the slopes every day. In the case of fresh snowfall, however, it is not always possible to groom all of the slopes at the same time even if making maximum use of the snow groomers. Moreover, under certain weather and snow conditions it can sometimes happen that the fresh snowfall does not bind with the underlying snow layer. Under such circumstances the first turns of skiers can cause the fresh snow to shift again despite careful grooming. This is not due to poor piste grooming. In addition, the pistes cannot be groomed while the ski runs are open because of the enormous risks this would pose to the safety of users.

DAILY OPERATING TIMES: from 8:30 to 16:00.
CAUTION: After closing time there is always the risk of danger owing to 
avalanche blasting, piste maintenance devices, winch cables and snow cannons, etc.
Ski runs are out of service each day from 4.45 
pm to 8.30 am – no securing of hazards (except during special events).

TOBOGGANING EVENING: A tobogganing evening is held every Tuesday. The tobogganing ticket is valid for the entire evening. Ski passes are not valid on the tobogganing evening.

MORNING TICKETS UP TO 12:30 PM: Pay the cost of an all-day ticket and you will be refunded the difference in price to a half-day ticket when you return the morning ticket in person before 12:30 pm at the Dias-Bahn lower terminus.

PLEASE NOTE: In the event of overlapping season periods our ticket sales computer automatically calculates a pro rata price.

MISUSE: In order to prevent misuse, ticket checks are carried out on a permanent basis. Fraudulent use of the ski pass results in its confiscation and the following consequences:
1. A one-day ski pass has to be purchased.
2. An on-the-spot fine of € 50.00 will be imposed.
3. A report on the suspicion of obtaining a service under false pretences (§ 149 StGB) or suspicion of fraud (§ 146 StGB) will be filed with the police department Kappl.

6-DAY REGIONAL FLEXIPASS (4 + 2): Valid 6 days in Kappl, 2 days of which can be spent in the neighbouring resorts of Ischgl/Samnaun, Galtür or See. Note: 2 days will be deducted if you change your skiing area on the same day! 

FUN SPORT FACILITIES: Use of the facilities may be restricted at certain times. Any use of the facilities takes place at your own risk


SKI PASSES: can be purchased at the Dias-Bahn lower terminus from 8 am to 5 pm. Advance tickets for the next day go on sale at 3 pm.

NON-CONTACT DATA CARRIERS: Ski passes are issued without exception on non-contact data carriers. The deposit per Keycard is € 5.00. The deposit is returned upon return of the undamaged keycard.

SKI BUS SERVICE: All ski passes entitle the holder to the free use of the ski bus service on the route: Landeck – See – Kappl – Ischgl – Galtür. A restricted bus transfer service operates at the start and end of the season.

SKI PATROLS AND MOUNTAIN RESCUE SERVICE: Only ski runs which are marked and open are monitored. Please understand that we charge a service fee for administering 
emergency treatment or in the event of an evacuation.

PANORAMA IMAGES: starting 1 December 2012 daily each morning LIVE about 10 am on these channels: Bayerisches Fernsehen, één, Canvas, FrankenTV, MünchenTV And 3sat.
On our all-day.

LOST AND FOUND: Information at any lift station.

PARKING: At the valley station of the Dias-Bahn there are free parking spaces available for customers and day guests staying in the Kappl ski area. Parking is prohibited for people who are not in the Kappl ski area. Parking is prohibited from 7:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. Exception Tuesday toboggan evening from 12:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. is no parking allowed. Non-compliance will invariably result in a trespassing lawsuit!

Payment Options: You can pay with the following cards at the Bergbahnen Kappl ticket offices: Maestro, V-Pay, Visa, Mastercard. Please note the data protection information of our payment services provider for cardholders:

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