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Silvrettaseilbahn AG


You love to whizz down the slopes of the Silvretta Arena? You enjoy a ride on the cable cars and lifts thanks to their high level of comfort? Then find out more about which powerful company is behind all this … die Silvrettaseilbahn AG

The company: Silvrettaseilbahn AG

239 kilometres of slopes guaranteeing snow fun for all winter sports athletes. 45 state-of-the-art cable cars and lifts which transport 17 million people quickly and safely up the mountains each year. 460 up to 510-PS strong snowgrooming vehicles that are on duty day in and day out to ensure perfectly groomed slopes. The Silvrettaseilbahn AG is truly a company that lives and breathes to ensure carefree and safe ski fun. And it’s also one of Tyrols top employers …

Behind the scenes, about 500 employees make sure that skiers, snowboarders and holiday guests of all kinds can enjoy their stay in Ischgl to the fullest. Additionally: the Silvrettaseilbahn AG values sustainability. 

Silvrettaseilbahn AG


The Silvrettaseilbahn AG as an economic driving force of the Paznaun

Every year, the Silvrettaseilbahn AG has a turnover of about 70 million euros – never being in the red – and that’s why there are constantly new investments into the infrastructure. A total of unbelievable 600 million euros so far. That’s why the Silvrettabseilbahn AG is not only the fundamental pillar of the tourism at the Paznaun but also a central economic factor for the entire region. 

Safety and comfort: the Silvrettaseilbahn AG

The first cable car started operating in 1963 already and safety has always been the company’s primary concern. That’s why the cable car and lift facilities are regularly examined by the Austrian ministry for traffic, innovation and technology and it’s subject to other strict controls by several international cable car committees. 

The result? The Tyrolean cable cars and lifts are amongst the safest means of mass transportation worldwide! 

Awards and honours

Not just the cable car facilities themselves have been awarded with prizes. Snow-grooming, the many activities for children and for fun sports enthusiasts as well as the friendly customer service personnel have received multiple honours. 

Did you know that …

  • ... the Silvrettaseilbahn AG runs or cable cars and chairlifts, mountain restaurants, snowmaking facilities, etc. , with 100% green electricity (no CO2 emissions) from Austria as of 1/1/2021?
  • ...,every night, 36 snow-grooming vehicles prepare the slopes for pure winter sports fun the next day? 
  • … every snow-grooming vehicle costs EUR 400,000? 
  • … all mountain facilities at the Silvretta Arena transport about 96,533 people per hour? 
  • … 422 million euros were invested into the expansion of the Silvretta Arena in the last 15 years?
  • … these investments secured about 250 additional jobs in other sectors? 
  • … ,after winter is over, the employees have to clean the lift lines from carelessly thrown cigarette butts, packaging waste, etc.? Help them by keeping the environment clean and by refraining from smoking while on the lift. 
  • … ,in winter, more than 700 people are employed at the ski resort?
  • … in order to make all these investments possible, the shareholders have refrained from distributing dividends since the company is in existence?
  • … a lot of slope areas at the ski resort are mown and mulched? This has a positive impact on biodiversity of the vegetation, on the appearance of the landscape and its recreational value. 
  • … the solar- and heat recovery systems of the Silvrettaseilbahn AG save 80,000 litres of fuel oil each year?
  • … most of the slopes at the resort are used as alpine pastures throughout the summer months – nowadays, mostly “organic pastures”?
  • … ,every year, 300 tons of manure from the surrounding farms are used as a fertilizer for the vegetation on the slopes and descents and, every year, new trees are planted? 
  • … ,since 1998, the Silvrettaseilbahn AG has purchased 1,217 cows, 436 calves and 396 lambs at a fair price from local farmers for the restaurants at the resort?
  • … ,in 1963/64 a one-week pass cost about EUR 29? That corresponds to a current value of EUR 177. A one-week pass nowadays costs EUR 262 and, hence, is not significantly more expensive than back then – but at the time, only two facilities were operating compared to 45 nowadays. 


Download the latest cable car newsletter as a PDF

Since 2011 the company newsletter ‘Silvretta Seilbahn’ has been providing information twice a year about the latest happenings in the skiing paradise of the Silvretta Arena. The cable car newsletter provides its readers with exciting facts, tips for events and food, and also provides information about investments. The latest edition, which has additional interesting contributions, is available to download as a PDF document. Only in german...

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Silvrettaseilbahn AG

Silvrettaplatz 2
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