PIUT 2024

11th Silvrettarun 3000: 14 – 15 July 2023

Results & Impressions

this was the Silvrettarun 3000 from 2023

The trendy sport of trail running takes on a whole new side in the high mountains of Paznaun.

The four villages in the region, Galtür, Ischgl, Kappl and See, are surrounded by high alpine peaks beyond the 2,500-metre mark, which not only impress with their rugged cliffs, but also entice with lush green mountain meadows. This area is also home to the Paznaun High Trail, which circles the entire flank in and out of the valley over a distance of 120 kilometres and is now the new venue for a trail running competition. 

The stages from See via Kappl and Ischgl to Galtür are sometimes short and pleasant, sometimes long and challenging, and this variety is also reflected in the new event format, the Paznaun Ischgl Ultra Trail, or PIUT for short. 

Just as the Paznaun High Trail connects the villages of the valley, the PIUT connects extreme athletes and mountain running amateurs in a green, and at the same time colourful sporting competition. With distances from 18 to 85 kilometres, PIUT CAMP, PIUT EXPO, FUN RUN for charity, PIUT KIDS RUN and GREEN EVENT Initiative, two days of fun and excitement are guaranteed!

The routes

On the route between Ischgl and Galtür, you can choose between the PIUT 18 with 17.6 kilometres and 735 metres of altitude difference and the PIUT 28 with 28.8 kilometres and 1,347 metres of altitude difference. The PIUT 52 leads experienced trail runners in 52 kilometres and 3,214 metres of altitude difference from Kappl via Galtür to Ischgl. The highlight for ultras is the PIUT 85, which covers 83 kilometres and 5,448 metres in altitude and leads from See via Kappl and Galtür to Ischgl and thus through the entire Paznaun.

Good to know: Free starting place for Paznaun - Ischgl CREW Card holders!

We reserve the right to make changes.

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