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Travel insurance

In the event of incidents, holiday cancellation insurance is a genuine (monetary) blessing

Naturally anyone planning a holiday doesn’t want to think about accidents or illnesses. Unfortunately these things happen – even in wonderful Paznaun valley in Tyrol! In order to stay calm, taking out travel cancellation insurance is recommended, European Travel Cancellation insurance for instance. 

It is annoying enough when you have to end a holiday prematurely or can’t even get there in the first place. Thanks to European Travel Cancellation Insurance, with Hotel Cancellation Plus Insurance, the least financial inconvenience ensues, since you are reimbursed costs upon:

  • No-show for a trip
  • Cutting a trip short
  • Arriving late for your booked stay
  • unvoluntary extension to your holiday
  • Search and rescue costs

There are many reasons which prevent you going on holiday or which necessitate leaving early. Among others, holiday cancellation insurance covers: 

  • Sudden onset of serious illness, accident or death of the insured person, or family member
  • Material damage to local property
  • Loss of job through no fault of your own
  • Call-up for military service or civilian service
  • Filing for divorce proceedings
  • Not passing school examinations
  • Unexpected summons

In the event of incidents, implementation is easy and uncomplicated. European Travel Insurance can be taken out conveniently via the Internet. Then just hope that this is the one purchase that you’ll never need!

Take out travel insurance with Europäische Reiseversicherung online right now