off we go, let the fun start!

The Fun Park in the ski area See

The fun park in See offers something for everyone

See does not only have the best slopes, but also an action-packed fun park. Snow acrobats will get their money's worth on the Sonnenhang in the ski area See. Daring jumps, tricky tricks and cool rotations on rails - let off steam and enjoy is the motto. The fun park attracts with perfectly groomed snow and offers a varied range of activities, regardless of whether you are already a professional or doing your first tricks on the box. Daring freestylers can perfect and demonstrate their skills here. Wavy slopes and kickers invite you to high jumps and action-packed "airtime". Let's go on an adventure!

To guarantee the highest level of safety, we ask you to adhere to the ten FIS rules as well as the four additional fun park rules:

  • Make yourself visible when you approach an obstacle.
  • Check in advance whether the space for landing is free.
  • Keep going as soon as you have landed safely.
  • Always keep a sufficient distance from other athletes.

Current status

Funpark See