Terms of participation | Regulations | Data privacy policy

The security of all participants has top priority. That is why the terms of participation, regulations and notes on the Data Privacy Policy are provided below:

1. Participant age:

  • At all the events in the Ironbike allocated classes apply as per D.O.B stated in the official outline on www.ischglironbike.com
  • Minimum age to take part in the Alpenhaus Trophy is 17 years old (completed 17 years of age)
  • Minimum age to take part in the E-Bike Fox Hunt is 19 years old (completed 19 years of age)
  • Minimum age to take part in the Ironbike Marathon (LIGHT route) is 17 years old (completed 17 years of age)
  • Minimum age to take part in the Ironbike Marathon (MEDIUM, HARD & EXTREME route) as well in the UCI Stage Race S1 is 19 years old (completed 19 years of age)
  • Cut-off date for age groups for the minimum age is 31.12.2022
  • An official photographic I.D. is required when start numbers are being issuing to check minimum age!

2. All participants are aware that their undertaking involves certain risks to themselves, and that neither the Paznaun – Ischgl Tourism Association as co-organiser and the Ischgl Radsport Clubbing as event organiser can guarantee their safety.

3. In being aware of this risk, the entrant declares that if he/she suffers any damage or should be injured, no claims for compensation of any kind whatsoever can be file against the event organiser or co-organiser.

4. The entrant confirms that he/she holds current personal liability insurance and personal leisure time accident insurance, which covers his/her participation in the Ischgl Ironbike. The entrant further undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless the event organiser and the co-organiser for all damages he/she may incur as a result of participating in the Ischgl Ironbike.

5. The participant will be solely and fully responsible for the equipment he uses and accepts that it is not one of the obligations of the organizer to check or monitor the equipment of the participants.

6. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for lost valuables, clothing and equipment.

7. The Promoter is not liable for losses owing to the fact that the participant is prevented in whole or in part, by law and / or administrative orders in participating.

8. It is hereby agreed that any liability of the organizer for the cases of simple negligence is limited to the scope and level covered up by the organizer liability insurance.

9. The entrant undertakes to observe the competition and safety guidelines, which are communicated to him/her by the organiser and co-organiser.

10. Participants agree that their personal and address data and also the results of the competition may be stored by EDP and processed for purposes of implementation and administration of the event. This shall also apply to the data required for payment processing. In particular also by our partner Datasport (service provider for Sports Events). The Data Privacy Policy by Datasport is found at: https://www.datasport.com/en/privacy-statement/

11. Processing of the data listed in item 10 shall occur exclusively by the sponsor and sponsor’s partner Datasport (service provider for Sports Events). Transmittal to third parties is not allowed.

12. The participant agrees that participant’s name, age, residence and team may be publicized in the starting lists and in the results lists on the internet (www.ischglironbike.com and www.datasport.com), in the newspaper and in hand-outs.

13. Participants agree that the sponsor may make photographs, video and TV-recordings of the participants in connection with the event. These recordings can be used by the sponsor at no charge and also be passed on to third parties, and such usage is not restricted in time or location. This applies in particular for marketing purposes (including also public relations and press work) for the Ischgl Ironbike (for the following year as well).

14. Participants agree that important information relating to the Ischgl Ironbike (e.g. changes to the route, changes to starting times etc.) may be delivered to the participants before and after the event.

15. The participants may opt out of the processing of their personal data, with future effect. The opt-out must be provided in writing (e.g. letter) or in text form (e.g. by fax or email). With your opt-out please provide your name, first name, your team and - if known - your starting number. We expressly wish to state that any publication of photos and videos and other personal data in the internet or social media shall be taken down and removed by us immediately, upon opt-out, from the webpages accessible to us. However, for technical reasons a comprehensive deletion of your published data cannot be guaranteed.

16. If the event is due to force majeure (e.g. bad weather), no-show or cancellation of the race for reasons that are not responsible for the organizer, the participant has no right to a refund of the entry fee or a reimbursement for other damages, such as travel or accommodation costs. In case of adverse weather conditions or other unexpected events, the event organiser shall be authorised to shorten or change the routes and to change the time limits.

17. The event organiser is entitled to exclude entrants behaving incorrectly in any way from the race.

18. The participant knows that doping is the deliberate manipulation of the body in order to achieve better performance and that this will be punished in accordance with the statutes of the Austrian Cyclist Federation and the UCI.

19. In case of danger, the race may be cancelled or stopped by the event organiser, rescue and medical services as well as authorities.

20. The organising committee may decide at any time to accept, reject an entry or to expel an entrant from the competition, insofar as this may cause any damage to the image of the event.

21. Final permission to start may be made subject to a positive on-site inspection or security check.

22. The "LIGHT" & "MEDIUM" routes are exclusively reserved for hobby bikers. This means that licensed riders are obliged to participate on the "HARD & EXTREME" course.

23. If desired, participants can directly book a cancellation insurance at the registration. If no cancellation insurance is concluded, there is no right to reimbursement of the entry fee. Each participant will conclude the cancellation insurance directly with the insurance company (Europäische Reiseversicherung). If a start at the Ischgl Ironbike should not be possible and in the process a refund of the cash is demanded, this has to be clarified directly with the insurance company. Participants will find the general insurance conditions directly at the registration site.

24. A medical examination is recommended.

25. Cycle helmets are compulsory. These corresponds to the Ansi/Snell resectivly TÜV/GS standards or UCI rules.

26. Participating with the start number of another entrant or any other incident as determined by the organisation will be punished by being excluded from the competition. The entrant will be barred from the event for another two years.

27. Selling or auctioning a start space – whether via Internet platforms such as Ebay or other methods - is strictly prohibited. Each offer for sale will be followed up and both the seller and the purchaser will be excluded from participation in the Ischgl Ironbike for life.

28. The participant confirms the accuracy of data provided on the application for the Ischgl Ironbike.

29. If a participant exits the competition during the race, then participant must report to the nearest route post/medical service, and relinquish the starting number.

30. Cash and non-cash prizes will be handed out at the official winners’ ceremony. After the end of the winners’ ceremony, participants lose their right to claim cash or non-cash prizes. Participants are required to be present at the winners’ ceremony in person. Representatives can only be accepted in exceptional cases and with the prior agreement of the organisational committee.

31. The medical service located along the route and at the finish line is available to participants at no cost. Any required helicopter rescue missions shall be at the responsibility of the participant. The medical service and/or the competition administration has the right to remove for a certain time, or to eliminate entirely from the competition, any participant having insufficient equipment or those whose health might be damaged.

32. All standards of the road traffic regulations (StVO) apply on all routes throughout the race.

33. All races are subject to the regulations of the Austrian Cycling Federation (ÖRV), the UEC or UCI regulations. It is hereby agreed that the rules of the Austrian Cycling Federation (ÖRV), the UEC as well as the UCI and its disciplinary regulations are accepted.

For reasons of better readability, gender-specific differentiations such as participant/participants are not used on this internet page or in our brochures. Corresponding terms apply equally and ensure equal treatment for both genders.