Skifahren Ischgl Skifahren Ischgl

A paradise for passionate skiers

Black slopes in Ischgl

Special slopes, mogul slopes and more

Ischgl for adrenaline junkies

The steeper, the better. The bumpier, the more fun. The more precipitous, the more thrilling. 
Passionate and experienced skiers will get their money’s worth thanks to 25 black slopes, mogul slopes and special slopes at the Silvretta Arena.

The ski resort counts more than twenty black slopes situated between 1,400 and almost 3,000 meters above sea level – amongst them racetracks, mogul slopes, and special slopes. In Ischgl, adrenaline junkies can feel in their element – the ski resort is a mecca for discerning winter sports enthusiasts. 

A need for speed: the racetracks in Ischgl

Aching thighs are part of the fun on ski slope Eleven. If your thighs don’t ache by the end of the eleven-kilometer-long run you’re a real pro. It’s not only the longest run of the Silvretta Arena but also one of the longest ones in Austria. Thanks to the mix of red and black slopes, you’ll be guaranteed to have plenty of variety and exciting stories to tell by the end of your ski day. 

Another hot tip for lovers of the steep slopes: Black slope 4 from the mountain station of the 3-S Pardatschgratbahn (A2) cable car to the valley station of the Pardoramabahn (F2) cable car. It makes your calves quiver and raises your adrenaline just the same. 

For slope acrobats: mogul slope in Ischgl

The supreme discipline in skiing is without question the – accident-free – descent on a mogul slope. If a skier has mastered the mogul slope, it’s not only thrilling to watch but will make you want to try the bumpy descent for yourself. Under suitable snow conditions, part of the descent from the mountain station of the Höllspitzbahn (E2) lift transforms itself into a paradise for mogul slope lovers. 

Not for the faint of heart: the steepest slope in Ischgl 

Almost 2 kilometers that offer quite a kick. A difference in elevation of around 650 meters and a steep gradient of up to 70 percent. This is what makes the ski slope 14a at the Langewandbahn (C5) chairlift the steepest descent in the Silvretta Arena. And it certainly isn’t something for everyone. Skiing skills  and an extra portion of courage are needed to go down this slope. But still passionate skiers love the descent from the Greitspitze to the Höllkar!