Idalp adventure hiking trail Idalp adventure hiking trail

Two spectacular high suspension bridges at Idalp Adventure Hiking Trail

Idalp adventure hiking trail

'Desires are the most considerable bridge builders and the most audacious drivers'
Elfriede Hablé, Austrian aphorist and musician

Kitzloch and Bärenfalle are over 100 metres in length and an unbelievable 70 metres above Fimbabach. The saying is about two suspension bridges, built exclusively for pedestrians, which have to be negotiated on the new Tyrolean adventure hiking trail from Ischgl to the Idalp located at 2320m.

For a year now these 100 metre long spellbinding bridges have spanned the ravines. They are braced from below and from the side by wind cables. Their base coverings are made from gratings, the railings are made from cables and mesh grids are stretched in between.


Difficulty middle
Durration 3 hours
Distance 7,5 km
Meter up 1.170 hm
Restaurants Alpenhaus, Vider Alp

Walk of Lyrics

A new attraction has been added to the adventure trail and now includes some world stars of the music industry along with a fascinating landscape. The legendary concerts which take place on the Idalp stage emphasise Ischgl’s entertainment concept. International music stars can now be seen here in summer too as songs by Rihanna, Udo Jürgens and Sting are played in a range of different settings.

Away from the stage, in a forest by a wild brook, the songs by the stars are presented in a new and unique way. The focus is on the poetry of the songs which, at times, are presented gently in text format to highlight the lyricism of the words. A pictorial interpretation of the song text then follows as an acoustic sound experience.

Adventure Stage

Schwarzwasser lake, Pardatscher lake

Based on the motto of ‘Action – Speed – Challenge’, various adventure zones will be provided from the middle station to the Pardatschersee lake in the Fimbatal valley, featuring some impressive offers. The new presentation points are fascinating and easily accessible (ascent via the Fimbabahn or Silvrettaseilbahn cable cars to the middle station) or can be reached via the adventure trail across the suspension bridges from Ischgl.

With ‘Air Steps’, ‘Wood Lines’, ‘Float over Water’ and the ‘Lakeside Adventure’, Ischgl taps into the mood of the day and creates a dynamic group experience which, when paired with exciting challenges, creates an innovative experience at the heart of the Ischgl mountains.

Hiking through three Alpine vegetation zones

‘Kalvarienberg’ is the start for this rewarding 7.5 km hiking route. The hiking trail, which lasts for around 2 hours, takes you through three Alpine vegetation zones.

In the lower section the majority is over forested slopes; crossing the deep Kitzloch ravine is particularly impressive.

Afterwards you have to exhibit a head for heights twice, then you proceed to the 70 metre high suspension bridge above Fimbabach. Initially across the Kitzjoch bridge heading out of the valley which spans 120 metres; then into the valley via the Bärenfalle which span 110 metres.

You pass two additional little streamlets, located to the front of the intermediate station via a small wooden bridge. Obviously you’ll need some refreshments in the mountain restaurant Alpenhaus, Videralp or a barbecue at Lake Vidersee after exhibiting so much courage and all that fresh air.